How To Make A Fishing Rod

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Instructor: Allen Winchel
Categories: Saltwater , Fishing Tackle

Master craftsman Allen Winchel, known for his work at Blackfin Rods, will demonstrate the process of making a fishing rod at his South Florida shop. He will demonstrate blank creation, backbone and tip action requirements, shaping and splines, customization, and curing processes. The entire rod building sequence is available for viewing.

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There are a lot of fishing rods on the market. Many of those are not made that well. Even some of the biggest names out there are not producing a top notch fishing pole. How do you know? Well, you can start with understanding how to make a fishing rod. Learn about the materials that go into making the rod blank. The blank is the heart of the rod. It is what gives it it's strength and action. A guy like Allen Winchel, founder of Blackfin Rods in South Florida, gets his hands dirty. He is also a big money tournament fisherman. He has been fishing for years and this lifetime of fishing experience translates really well into his vision for making high quality rods from the blank to the end curing process. Allen is going to show you how fishing rods are made at his shop. He does anything from light action backcountry rods to super heavy giant bluefin tuna rods. Allen is master level. He is the sifu. You will get to see the materials that go into making the blank and how they are laid down. You will get to see the drying process and how fishing rods are shaped. See the customizations that get applied. Good quality rods take dedication and craftsmanship. Allen's rods are made by hand from start to finish. See how it is done with this In The Spread fishing video.

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