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Daytime swordfish video with RJ Boyle from In The Spread Rigging daytime swordfish baits video with RJ Boyle from In The Spread Big Swordfish Tactics video featuring RJ Boyle from In The Spread Hand cranking swordfish video with RJ Boyle from In The Spread

Daytime Swordfishing

Daytime Swordfishing Baits

Closing the Deal On

Bigger Swords

Hand Crank Swordfish

Daytime Swordfishing

Watch and learn how to improve your fishing for daytime swordfish using tactics and techniques perfected by sword fishing expert RJ Boyle. Success only comes from hard work, but knowing a few secrets can help push you over the top.


Holding nothing back, RJ Boyle takes over 2 hours to share in great detail must have tools and tackle, how his boat is setup, rigging components, top baits, how to recognize the bite and put fish on the deck. It’s time to “Get Tight Suckas”.

Daytime Swordfish Rods and Reels

Daytime Swordfish - Drive, Drop, Drift

Daytime Swordfish the Bite

Daytime Swordfish Rig

Daytime Swordfish Baits

Daytime Swordfishing Baits

When fishing for swordfish, the last thing between you and that swordfish is your bait, so it better be right. Who better to learn about daytime swordfish baits than the angler who has put more daytime swords in his boat, using rod and reel, than anyone else in the world, RJ Boyle.


With this 3 hour video, RJ Boyle reveals 7 of the most productive baits and how to expertly rig each of them. Learn how to rig the ladyfish, dolphin belly, silver mullet, tinker mackerel, Panama bait, double hooked squid and the bonito belly.

Daytime Swordfish Bait Rigging Tools

Daytime Swordfish Rigging the Panama Bait

Daytime Swordfish Bait Rigging Dolphin Belly

Daytime Swordfish Bait Rigging Bonito Belly

Daytime Swordfish Bait Rigging Ladyfish

Closing the Deal on Bigger Swords

The “In the Spread – Daytime Swordfishing” video showed you the basics of fishing for swordfish in the daytime. Join RJ Boyle and team as they show you bigger swordfish tactics. This is a much different ballgame. Big swordfish behavior can test the skills of even the most seasoned crew. The proficiency of the wheelman plays an even bigger roll with bigger swordfish. And when there are sharks in the water, there is no time to waste.


Join RJ Boyle and underground fishing legend John Bassett as they tangle with what RJ calls a roamer. Talk about fat tails! Learn the angling skills and boat handling prowess necessary to boat the bigger ones.


Bigger Swordfish Going Slack

Bigger Swordfish & Braid

Bigger Swordfish and Thermoclines

Bigger Swordfish Situational Awareness

Bigger Swordfish In the Circle

Bigger Swordfish Make It or Break It

Hand Crank Swordfish

For the sport fishing purest, record seekers or those that just want to be IGFA compliant, In the Spread brings you a video that details fishing for swordfish using the manual hand crank approach. It is not easy, but it is also not that difficult, if you know the basics.


Learn what you need to know in order to target and battle swordfish using the manual hand crank technique. Swordfish guru RJ Boyle takes you through every step of how to drop and deploy the bait using two rods, break the lead free and fight the fish to the boat. This is a must watch video for swordfish anglers.


The manual hand crank swordfish video is the 4th swordfish video from In the Spread.


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Dolphin, mackrel, marlin, wahoo, rooster, tuna, giant trevally