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Kayak Musky Fishing Jase Bouldin In The Spread
Kayak fishing with David Posey from In The Spread

Kayak Musky Fishing

Kayak fishing professional Jase Bouldin demonstrates how to systematically break down a river when targeting musky, in this video from ITS Freshwater and In The Spread. The information presented here goes far beyond just how to fish for musky from a kayak. Do not miss out on the kernels of knowledge about gear fishing rivers being shared here. This information is golden.


Any musky fishermen will gain huge insights into how to “WORK” various topwater, spinning and swim baits, read the river and position your vessel, whether a kayak or a boat, to take full advantage of what the water is offering. Jase takes you on a journey down the river explaining every detail of what he is doing and why. There is so much to learn with this ITS Freshwater musky fishing video.


Basic Kayak Selection & Outfitting

With this In The Spread - Basic Kayak Selection and Outfitting video, Kayak Fishing Destin owner and guide David Posey shares his knowledge and experience to help make your kayak fishing experience the best possible. Learn what you need to know about making a fishing kayak purchase and how to outfit it with the right accessories.


Kayak fishing provides an easy way to access backcountry, inshore and offshore fishing grounds in a lower cost, healthy and “good for the environment” approach, relative to operating from a boat. Before you head out, take the time to watch this video, so you will know more about inshore and offshore kayaks, what to expect in terms of cost, hull design, pedal systems and paddles, available outfitting options and some of the gear and accessories you need to be more productive on the water.

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Dolphin, mackrel, marlin, wahoo, rooster, tuna, giant trevally
Dolphin, mackrel, marlin, wahoo, rooster, tuna, giant trevally